• Butter Slime

    Hello again! 
    Im going to tell you how to make 2 Easy 2 Ingredients Slime!


    Crayola Model Magic

    Body Lotion


    Step 1:

    Knead your Model Magic To Soften It.

    Step 2:

    Add Lotion, 3 Pumps at a Time, Until it Feels Like Butter Slime, or Until Desired Texture.

    This slime recipe is very, very easy!

    This slime is spreadable AND stretchy!

    U should definitely try it!


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  • DIY Easy Clear Slime

    How to Make Easy Clear Slime!


    Step one:

    Add a cup of clear glue, folllowed by food coloring (this is optional) Keep mixing, but not too fast, or it will get tooo many air bubbles!

    Step two:

    If you want to add glitter, holographic pigment, or anything else,this is the time to do it. You can also put glitter on after you activate, which is what I ended up doing.

    Step three

    It is now time to activate your slime! I always add Elmers magic liquid, there is a link below to buy it on amazon.com


    Add it little by little, until the slime looks activated. Activated slime should'nt be sticky. But if its not stretchy, and breaks apart, you need to add hair gel or glycerine. Again, dont add too much, or it will stick to your fingers again!

    Now You Are Done!

    Put your slime in an air-tight container for future play!

    I hope you found this slime recipe helpful!



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